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Instant FX Deals

Experience the latest in foreign exchange transactions with our cutting-edge spot contracts. Tailored to meet your urgent currency needs, our spot transactions empower you to swiftly process payments, ensuring funds are seamlessly settled in your beneficiary account on the very same trading day. Plus, enjoy the added flexibility of up to two additional working days for settlement.

NextGen Hedging Solutions

Experience the future of risk management and currency stability through our forward contracts and hedging options. Secure a fixed exchange rate for flexible time frames, extending up to 5 years based on the chosen liquidity provider. Safeguard your ventures against unpredictable currency shifts and navigate the dynamic market environment with confidence. Our ground breaking 0% deposit facility empowers you to mitigate currency exposure without tying up your resources. Whether you're dealing with limited cash flow or constrained capital, our forward contracts offer unmatched flexibility, requiring no margin commitment.

Introducing Bankd

At Bankd, we take immense pride in our distinguished team of seasoned dealers, equipped with a wealth of market expertise and a wealth of professional trading acumen. Your devoted dealer is your strategic partner, guiding you towards an optimal hedging strategy meticulously crafted to align with your organization's unique goals.With a sharp focus on your company's financial landscape, payment timeline, risk tolerance, cash flow dynamics, and the ever-evolving market currents, your dedicated dealer will collaborate with you to ensure a tailor-made approach. Our commitment extends beyond reactive measures; we actively collaborate with you to pre-emptively curtail risk in an enduringly fluctuating market.
Experience Bankd's commitment to excellence — where your objectives meet our expertise, resulting in a fortified financial future.